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How Coach influences your performance

You if you still feel why you need a coach, or want to know what a coach can do for you. Listen to what world class athletes have to say about their Coach and how it made a difference in their performance to win the most coveted Olympic medal..

" I just followed the advice of my coaches " said Vijender, boxing champion from India, who was asked to stay calm by his coaches. If you are angry, you will lose the fight, Coach said, Vijender recalled, after retaining his composure despite being punched on equal terms by his opponent. more...

Vision and Mission


'What we think, we become' said Gautama Buddha. The vision is to improve the thinking thru' self realization.


Bring out the hidden hi-potential within each and every individual thru systematic and process driven coaching program

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Who can benefit

Those in the managerial and leadership position responsible for decision making, managing teams, defining and delivering business strategy, business development and sales.

Coach Contact

Sundar Dogiparthi
E: dnvsundar@hipcoaching.in
M: +91 98408 09369