Knight on the white horse

Can a leader claim “ he is not the knight on the white horse” Leadership is all about inspiring the vision and marching towards the goal. It is all about hope and instilling the confidence. There is no place for negative thoughts or failures. Though this metaphor is meant to be more of individualistic achievement, but a leader has to be a knight on the white horse who motivates the team and charges them towards the goal. A true leader is a ... Read More »

How to present options

All of us are taught or told repeatedly to present customer various options to any problem or situation. It is a time honoured strategy to impress the customer but you can ensure a positive outcome if you present all the options side by side ( with a comparison).  Read More »

How to build true team

Building a true team is to build a team that stays with you thru thick and thin. You need true followers to win in uncertainties that are typical in any organization. Here are some tips to build a true team. -          Know your team – each and every individual – their needs and necessities -          Reward them with what they need – do  follow the reward approach to every one. You need to know and address their internal needs -          Help them to ... Read More »

Conflicts – Do not avoid but Coach the team to handle them effectively

One of the leadership qualities is to bring consensus within team though there are varied opinion. This is basically conflict management. Unless managed effectively, conflicts creates lot of stress in the team and results in disrupting team cohesiveness. There are certain basic things a leader does to increase the harmony within the team despite of conflicts Empower the team(s) and increase the touch pints of decision making. Basically, involve the teams in decision making Know your team members and create culture of ... Read More »

How to develop insights

One of the primary objectives of Coaching is to stimulate insights in Coachee so that he gains more awareness of his potential and more confidence in handling unknowns. Insights leverages existing information in the brain and generate new perspective and awareness. Insights are the result of new connections / mapping generated by self reflection and observing the challenge / problem from a new perspective. Basic requirement to develop insights are as follows - Open-ness to listen to others - Willingness to learn - Ability to look at thinking objectively - ... Read More »

Insight – work of unconscious brain

Our conscious brain has only limited capacity and can only solve basic problems whereas our unconscious brain has extraordinary processing power and can be powerful trouble shooter but we often miss out the signals it is sending because of constant noise ( chatter) in our brain. When you get ‘Insight ( eureka moment), it is actually your unconscious brain solving problems for you (by building new connections) . It is important to tap into the power of unconscious brain as business ... Read More »