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  • Coaching is one of the most popular executive development program (EDP)
  • Executive Coaching increases manager’s capacity to manage an organization in terms of planning, staffing, leading, controlling, cognitive complexity, decision making and effectively manage emotions and conflicts.
  • The goals, strategies, actions facilitate coaching process. They ensure that learning happens but the real value of coaching is at deeper level than just setting the goals. It is a journey of Discovery, Learning and Growth.
  • The ultimate aim of coaching is to help people to fulfill their potential
  • Coaching conversations focus on solving a problem – help someone to come to a solution by himself by asking thinking questions creating awareness and giving positive feedback.
  • Coaching begins with setting worthy goals by focussing on core issue. A worthy goals is one you do not know how you are going to achieve but just sure you’ll be able to work out if you really apply yourself.
  • 80% of the results come from 20% of goals
  • Coaching creates awareness so that people have ability to RESPOND than REACT. Coaching will take your thru transformational journey and make you gain more control over your emotions.
  • Coaching provides more positive feedback which in turn creates more awareness and personal responsibility and openness to learn
  • Coaching focuses on Vision and Planning
  • Coaching believes that people have capabilities to learn and find answers for their own situations and challenges. Coach is there to just help them to think thru.

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